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Jamaican Food in Radford (Part 2)

Red snapper in a delicious sweet and sour sauce with callaloo rice.

Just a quick entry to whet your appetite a bit. So, after arriving at the ‘Jamaican Ways’ Carribean food joint in Radford this Sunday only to find it had closed for the afternoon, I made it my mission to go back there at some point this week when it was open. Today’s balmy weather and the blissed-out summer vibes were all indicating to me that it was the perfect time to head out and get some equally feel-good Carribean grub. The omens were good and I had the instinctive feeling the food was gonna be even better…

Jamaican Ways was open and was in full-swing during what seemed to be a busy lunch hour. The place had a varied menu which featured sea bream with polenta and red snapper with callaloo rice as the day’s specials. Something made me fancy the latter more (more vibrant-sounding perhaps) so I went for it. It was amazing, I mean really amazing: freshly cooked and packed full of flavour – it tasted every inch as good as it looked.

I was only in there very briefly, but this place truly lived up to the internet hype I’d been reading earlier and seemed like one of those enduring, unpretentious and authentic eateries you can’t help become fond of. Needless to say, I’ll be back very soon…

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